Pre Settlement Loans on Auto Accidents

Behind on bills because of a car accident? Auto accident loans can provide the cash you need to get caught up until your case settles.

So, you got hurt in a car wreck and it wasn’t your fault?

Did you receive serious injuries?

Have you retained a lawyer?

Do you need money NOW?

Okay, got it.

Now let us explain how we can help…


Approval is based on the strength and merits of your case; not your credit score. Get from $500 to $500,000+ in as little as 4 to 24 hours after approval. Applying is fast, free, and easy, and we work directly with your attorney to get you approved and funded quickly.


Depending on the type of case (we fund over 350 different case types), we offer non-compounding and compounding rates BELOW 3% and caps as low as 2X. And if that weren’t enough, Gold Star Legal Funding will match or beat any competitor’s contract rate.


Get the cash you need now by wire transfer or FedEx Overnight, and don’t repay a dime until after your case has been resolved successfully. Plus, there are no monthly payments. Why? Because the last thing injured plaintiffs need is another monthly payment to make.

How An Accident Loan Works

Gold Star Legal Funding specializes in pre-settlement funding on all types of motor vehicle accidents and personal injury lawsuit loans, but that’s not all. We also fund civil rights, employment, and work injury claims, including worker’s compensation loans.

We can offer lawsuit advances on virtually any type of pending or settled civil lawsuit.

Our pre settlement funding is a simple 3-step process:



Apply online or by phone; it’s fast, free, and easy. We’ll answer all your questions, and there is no obligation.



Your dedicated Gold Star representative will work with your attorney to review your case. No hassle. Guaranteed.


Receive Cash

Receive $500 to $500K+ within 24 hours of approval by wire transfer or FedEx Overnight. It’s that simple.

Auto Accident Loans: The Smart Choice For Car Accident Victims

Lawsuit loans on serious and fatal car accident claims

Gold Star Legal Funding is a leading provider of pre-settlement funding on auto accidents and motor vehicle accidents for injured plaintiffs nationwide.

If you were seriously injured in an automobile accident, it can take months, or even years, for your lawyer to hammer out an appropriate lawsuit settlement.

In the meantime, you need to stay focused on just two things:

  • Recover from your injuries
  • Get your life back on track

So the last thing you need to be worrying about is falling behind on your bills.

That can create a lot of stress, worries, anxiety, and hardship.

It can also strain relationships, eat up your savings, destroy your credit, and force you to try and make do without the things you need.

And seriously, who needs that?

Car Accident Loans Can Be A Real Game-Changer

Pre-settlement loans and post-settlement loans are specifically designed to help you eliminate those problems.

Qualifying is easy with just 3 basic eligibility requirements:

  1. You received substantial injuries
  2. You’ve retained a lawyer
  3. There is clear liability against a sufficiently insured defendant

Accident loans can be a great way for people like you to keep your head above water while you wait for your attorney to finalize your settlement.

Car accident loans pack a serious punch. If you apply now, you could receive funds as quickly as tomorrow.

Apply now or call and speak with one of our friendly funding experts.

Cases We Fund

Gold Star Legal Funding will consider funding on virtually any type of lawsuit. Significant injuries, clear liability, and a sufficiently insured defendant are must-have’s. Here are some of the more popular categories of cases we can fund:

Still have questions?

Call us! 833-FUNDED2

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