Types of Loans and Other Funding Solutions

We provide a variety of funding solutions to solve different types of problems.

Different Circumstances Require Different Types of Loans

Gold Star Legal Funding primarily offers lawsuit loans, pre-settlement loans, and post-settlement funding to injured plaintiffs. We also provide attorney loans and law firm loans to plaintiffs’ attorneys.

During our normal course of business, however, we encounter a significant number of people in need of different types of financial assistance. Unfortunately, not all of them qualify for the type of assistance we are able to provide.

In response, we created a referral network of financial service providers. So now, even if Gold Star can’t help you directly, we can refer you to the appropriate service provider so you can get the help you need.

  • Litigation Loans
    • Attorney Funding
    • Attorney Fee Acceleration
    • Commercial Litigation Funding
    • Law Firm Financing

Specialty Finance

Other Types of Loans

  • Car Loans
    • Bad Credit Car Loans
  • Credit Cards
    • Credit Cards for Bad Credit
  • Home Loans
    • Bad Credit Home Loans
  • Medical Loans
    • Medical Loans for Bad Credit
  • Personal Loans
    • Loans For Bad Credit
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