California Lawsuit Loans and Pre Settlement Funding

Gold Star Lawsuit Funding provides lawsuit funding in California so injured plaintiffs can get the money they need until their cases settle.

Gold Star Lawsuit Funding is one of the first companies to provide lawsuit loans in America. We offer fast, low-cost, and risk-free pre settlement funding and post settlement funding to Californian plaintiffs struggling financially.

If you have a pending personal injury or employment-related claim and need cash now, you may want to consider California lawsuit loans to get your finances back on track.

Sustaining injuries or illness because of someone else’s negligence can hurt your ability to work, make a living, and carry on with daily activities like you used to. This is why civil law allows accident victims to recover damages by suing the party at fault.

However, the lawsuit process is notorious for taking a long time to finish. Even if you have a higher chance of winning a jury verdict or scoring a fair settlement, the delays often triggered by the defendant’s side can disrupt your case and your momentum.

While waiting for your case to settle and recovering from your physical injuries, you may also experience burnout and stress. A condition called critogenesis comes from “critogenic,” which means “law-caused” can occur among plaintiffs.

On top of everything else, you’re expected to pay on time for your medical care and treatment, rent or mortgage, car loan, utilities, and credit card bills, to name a few.

If you’re looking for an alternative solution to handling your expenses, Gold Star can help.

Apply now or call and speak with one of our friendly funding experts.

Pre Settlement Loans in California

Legal funding is a type of financing designed to cater specifically to the fast-cash needs of plaintiffs with civil lawsuits.

It is fast, affordable, and risk-free; getting funds through settlement financing does not create additional debt.

Some people have gotten used to its other names, like “lawsuit loans” and “settlement loans.” But all of these terms refer to non-recourse lawsuit cash advances. There are no hidden charges when you apply and no monthly payments. 

Think about the No Win/No Pay rule of pre-settlement funding. If you lose a verdict or your case did not settle, you can keep the advance and pay nothing.

And because it’s your money, you can decide how to use it.

The funds can cover rent, late-due bills, medical expenses, co-pays, and other recurring or unexpected payables.

Gold Star offers both pre-settlement cash advance and post-settlement cash advance. Also, we can fund most cases, including auto accidents, construction accidents, and FELA railroad settlements. But workers’ comp is outside our coverage in California.

If you have a pending or settled civil lawsuit, severe injuries, clear liability against a sufficiently insured defendant, and a minimum threshold of $75,000, you may be qualified to apply and receive lawsuit funding.

Get Pre Settlement Funding in California Now

Applying for lawsuit funding in California is fast and easy. It only takes a minute to fill out the form completely, or you can call us at (877) 932-2628 to talk with our legal funding experts.

It does not involve upfront costs, credit checks, monthly payments, and income or employment verification. Real estate properties, like your home, are not necessary for collateral.

Gold Star approves requests based on the merits of the cases. And best of all, we won’t ask you to return the advance if your case does not settle or lose a verdict.

As long as pending or settled civil lawsuits exist in California, Gold Star can consider funding hem.

If you’re a plaintiff who has a pending case and needs immediate cash, apply now and receive your funding in as little as 24 hours after you’re approved.

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