Operation Protect Veterans:
Everything You Need to Know

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Gold Star Legal Funding is a disabled veteran-owned, nationwide lawsuit funding company. We proudly support OperationProtectVeterans.com and the Operation Protect Veterans program, as well as many other veteran-owned and veteran support organizations.

Gold Star provides non-recourse pre settlement loans and post settlement lawsuit funding (often called legal funding or lawsuit settlement loans) to injured plaintiffs involved in personal injury and employment lawsuits. Some of our most popular loans on personal injury cases include accident settlement loans on motor vehicle collisions, medical malpractice lawsuits, slip and fall injuries, and workers comp settlement loans.

The financing we provide is non-recourse, which means a plaintiff is only required to repay their advance if they win their case. If they lose or their case doesn’t settle, they owe us nothing.

In addition to lawsuit settlement funding, Gold Star also provides litigation funding to lawyers, including law firm financing and post settlement funding for attorneys. We also offer probate loans to beneficiaries and can help you sell your structured settlement payments for cash.

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